Covid Vaccine Injuries: A Crisis Hidden In Plain Sight

by Janet Pattison

WEIRSDALE, FL - The Grand Oaks Resort is set to host an event focused on the impact of Covid vaccine injuries. Organized by Dr. Villa and Nick Caturano, the event aims to shed light on the hidden crisis surrounding vaccine side effects that often go unnoticed.

Taking place on March 15 from 3-7pm Eastern Time, the event will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about a topic that has been largely overlooked in mainstream media. The event will be livestreamed.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges, and vaccination has been a critical tool in combating the virus," said Dr. Villa. "However, the conversation around vaccine side effects has been limited, and many have suffered in silence. This event seeks to change that."

The event will feature presentations and discussions on the unseen consequences of vaccination, as well as personal stories from those who have experienced vaccine injuries.

"We want to create a space where people can share their experiences and learn from one another," said Nick Caturano. "By doing so, we hope to raise awareness about the hidden crisis surrounding Covid vaccine injuries and spark a conversation that is long overdue."

Those interested in attending the event can register via EMAIL INFO@VILLAHEALTH.ORG OR CALL (352)-643-6555 OR (352) 561-6299.The organizers encourage everyone to join the conversation and help bring attention to this important issue.