Republican Party of Bay County Backs Stuart Tettemer for Panama City Beach Mayor, Focused on Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Diversification

by Janet Pattison
Image by Tho Bishop Image by Tho Bishop

BAY COUNTY, FL - The Republican Party of Bay County has thrown its weight behind Stuart Tettemer for the upcoming Panama City Beach mayoral race, marking a significant endorsement at their recent March 25th Republican Executive Committee meeting. Tettemer's candidacy resonated with party members as he articulated a vision centered on fiscal responsibility and prioritizing local needs over the tourism industry's dominance. The incumbent, Mayor Mark Sheldon, was invited to the meeting but did not attend.

During his address to the committee, Tettemer emphasized his concerns about the trajectory of Panama City Beach, likening it to Orlando's heavy reliance on tourism. He stressed the importance of diversifying the local economy beyond entertainment and hospitality sectors. Tettemer's call for a more balanced economic approach struck a chord with those seeking sustainable growth and development for the region.

Asserting his allegiance to conservative values and the Republican Party of Bay County, Tettemer underscored the significance of local government in safeguarding constitutional rights. He highlighted his relocation to Bay County three years ago, citing its conservative ethos as a driving factor in his decision.

“After meeting with Stuart, my concerns were addressed. We spoke about his faith, we spoke about economics, we spoke about political philosophy, and the unique role Donald Trump has had on politics. It was a conversation of depth that is hard to find while meeting political candidates. Stuart is a uniquely talented individual, and I have been as impressed with him during his campaign as I have any local candidate I've interacted with”, remarked Tho Bishop, Chairman of the Bay County Republican Party, on social media.

Addressing past political affiliations, Tettemer clarified his previous registration as a Democrat while residing in California. He explained a $50 donation to Bernie Sanders' campaign as a strategic move to prevent Hillary Clinton's nomination, expressing he was happy with President Trump's eventual victory.

Crucially, Tettemer pledged to devote himself fully to the mayoral role, ensuring no conflicts of interest between his public duties and private enterprises. His commitment to transparency and accountability resonated with constituents eager for principled leadership in local governance.

As the Panama City Beach mayoral race gains momentum, Tettemer's endorsement by the Republican Party of Bay County underscores his growing support within the community. With his emphasis on conservative principles and economic diversification, Tettemer presents a compelling vision for the future of Panama City Beach.