Jason Adams, Candidate for Mexico Beach City Council Group 4

by Jason Adams

MEXICO BEACH, FL - My name is Jason Adams, and I am a candidate for Mexico Beach City Council Group 4.

As a full-time resident and business owner, I bring not only knowledge and experience to the position but am dedicated to the future of Mexico Beach. My ties to the area run deep. I have lived and worked in the community for almost 20 years. My wife, Chrystina, was born and raised in Mexico Beach, and we are raising our son here.

We have all worked so hard to get our homes, our businesses, and our city put back together. I am committed to ensuring our city continues to thrive and flourish to support long-term, managed growth. It is important to me to protect our community from excessive growth. I am vehemently against any changes to our codes and ordinances that would increase our current building height.

What I will bring to the table

• Common sense and a level head – Unfortunately often overlooked, these two attributes are what we need on our city council. I have no hidden agenda and am a rational and reasonable decision maker.

• Fiscally responsible – The financial strength of our city is of utmost importance to me. I will work diligently to reduce our millage rate without sacrificing services. Ensuring that our city is financially healthy will always be at the forefront of my decision making.

• Experience- As a local builder, I am very familiar and knowledgeable of the Mexico Beach Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code as well as the Florida Building Code. I firmly believe our council members should have a clear and working understanding of the codes and ordinances that govern our city.

• Leadership & Respect - We need a city council that will lead and work together in a respectable manner with all council members as well as our citizens and city employees. I will bring a fresh perspective to the city council and a positive change while working collaboratively with others. We will not agree on every matter, but I will always show respect to those with a difference of opinion.

As a city councilman for Mexico Beach, I will work to unite our residents and contribute to the betterment of the city. We live in a special place, and I am sincerely committed to working hard on behalf of our citizens and the city’s best interest while moving forward together.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I hope you will vote Jason Adams for Mexico Beach City Council Group 4 on April 16th.

(Bay County Coastal does not endorse candidates)