Bouncing Back with Resilience: Lessons from the Court of Life

by Janet Holliday, DD, MSM, MSM, RN
Photo by Pedro Sanz on Unsplash Photo by Pedro Sanz on Unsplash

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL - Dr. Janet Holliday, with her extensive background as a nurse, Life Mastery™ consultant, and leadership trainer, draws on a wealth of personal and professional experiences to empower healthcare professionals and women. In Europe, despite initial challenges in securing a nursing position, Dr. Holliday’s perseverance led her from volunteering with the Red Cross to a pivotal role at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center. Her journey exemplifies resilience, transforming every setback into a step forward.

Unwrapping the gift of resilience isn’t just a trait – it’s a gift earned through trials, errors, and the willingness to learn and grow. Learning and growing helps strengthen the ability to bounce back. Picture receiving a basketball that symbolizes resilience with each bounce representing moving through challenges and disappointment. Janet networked with nurses across a community in New Mexico, they collaboratively organized a community event to increase community awareness about the role of nurses in improving healthcare and outcomes!

Building resilience is an ongoing process! How do we increase our resilience? One approach is reducing stress through relaxation techniques like meditation to help with inner focus and gaining an understanding of what occurred and the next best steps. Meditation plays a role in managing emotions or reducing our reaction to stress or overwhelming events which promotes emotional intelligence.

As an educator in a hospital setting, she faced challenges in improving training for unlicensed team members with some illiteracy and a lack of a standardized educational foundation. Despite initial denials, she persisted, gathering data, presenting proposals, and seeking alternative solutions. Through perseverance and collaboration, success at last. Forty team members completed their Certified Nursing Assistants training standardizing care across the organization---a true win-win-WIN! This success initiative reflects resiliency not only in overcoming barriers but also in creating substantial improvements in clinical outcomes resulting in improved patient care. She loves sharing this story and the testimonial from one of the graduating Certified Nursing Assistants, “Thank you so much, I have been a nursing assistant for over 25 years and now I don’t have to worry about what I am going to do after I retire.”

In conclusion, remember the power of resilience—it’s about bouncing back stronger and wiser. Let’s embrace the notion of resilience as a vital life skill, learning from setbacks, and celebrating our ability to adapt and overcome. By engaging in habits that foster resilience, like getting sunshine, forgiving yourself, and journaling will set you up for success.

This May, during National Nurses Appreciation Month, join us in not only celebrating nurses but also in embracing resilience practices that can transform setbacks into stepping stones for success. Contact Dr. Holliday to discover how her life classes and leadership training can inspire resilience in your life.

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