Scam Alert- Pavers for Sale

by Bay County Sheriff’s Department
Scam - Photo of pavers by Shane-Mcknight Scam - Photo of pavers by Shane-Mcknight

BAY COUNTY, FL – (May 09, 2024) Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford issued a Scam Alert today after receiving several reports of a paver scam hitting the Bay County area. The set-up for the scam is on Facebook Marketplace.

The scammer frequently changes the seller profile on the site, but, so far, uses the same image of stacked pavers. When the victim makes initial contact with the scammer to purchase pavers, the scammer insists on delivery of the pavers prior to any payment from the victim. The victim takes delivery of the pavers and then, using Zelle, a peer-to-peer money transfer app, pays the scammer for the delivered pavers. The victim only learns they have been scammed when the company that delivered the pavers comes back to reclaim them.

What the scammer has done, after the first contact with the victim, is contract with a third-party company that sells real pavers for the delivery of the pavers to the victim’s home. The scammer pays for these ordered pavers with a stolen credit card. The pavers are delivered to the victim’s residence. The victim pays the scammer through Zelle. The paver company realizes the pavers have been paid for fraudulently and goes back to the victim to get their pavers. The victim realizes they’ve been scammed.

BCSO Criminal Investigations is currently investigating these cases and attempting to identify the scammer. Use caution when making any purchases and payment online. If you have been victimized, please contact the BCSO at 850-747-4700.