OMG@PCB Mouthwatering Korean BBQ and More

by Janet Pattison

BAY COUNTY, FL - The delicious spices of homemade Korean cuisine wafts through the air as the OMG@PCB food truck rolls into town. This family-owned business is the brainchild of Austin Lane, a Bay County realtor, and his wife Rebecca, who have a passion for sharing their beloved family recipes with the community.

The inspiration for the food truck came from Austin's grandmother, who is from Seoul, South Korea, and instilled in him a love for fresh, homemade meals. Growing up, Austin enjoyed the delicious flavors and aromas of his grandmother's scratch recipes, which he now shares with his own children and the wider community.

Austin's father, an Air Force Veteran, moved to Panama City seven years ago, and the Lane family soon followed. Austin and Rebecca, who is from Dallas, Texas, decided to embark on a culinary adventure together, combining their love for Korean and Tex-Mex cuisine in their food truck.

The result is a mouthwatering menu that caters to all tastes. I got a taste when I visited their food truck. The Kimchi is an absolute standout, boasting the perfect balance of garlic and spices, while the bulgogi marinade will leave you craving more. Those who prefer Tex-Mex flavors will be delighted by the fresh street tacos and the heat of the homemade green salsa, which is now my favorite.

The Lane family's commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste is another aspect that sets OMG@PCB apart. They are dedicated to partnering with the community to ensure that no food goes to waste, embodying the values passed down from Austin's grandmother.

Rebecca, who designed the food truck's website, has made it easy for foodies to locate " OMG@PCB whenever their taste buds crave a unique and satisfying meal. You can find their schedule and more information at They will officially join the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce family on June 19th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Lanes and the start of a culinary adventure for Bay County.

As Austin and Rebecca continue to share their family's cherished recipes, they invite you to come and taste the passion, love, and tradition that goes into every dish served from their food truck. So, the next time you're craving a unique and delicious meal, make sure to them out and experience the flavors that have been passed down through generations.