Garner’s Piggly Wiggly Express

by Cheryl Cronbaugh

Check out Garner’s Piggly Wiggly Express at 8012 Hwy 2301, Panama City, FL 32404, in Bayou George. If you thought this was just a gas station with a few groceries you would be missing out on all they have to offer.

Sure, gas is an option, but this little grocery store is not only well stocked, they have breakfast, lunch or dinner ready for you at reasonable prices. Steak, fried chicken, ribs, desserts, okra, veggies, and more. If you live in Bayou George or pass this lighted exit on 231, you may want to pick up supper on your way home from work.

Open from 5 am weekdays and 6am and 7am Saturday and Sunday and close at 9pm, serving dinner until 8:30 pm this business is looking to serve its community.

They also have a butcher on staff available from 6am to 4pm.