Fire at the Bay County, Florida Jail June 20, 2024

by Sunny Reid
Photo by Bay County Sherriff's Office Photo by Bay County Sherriff's Office

BAY COUNTY, FL – (June 20, 2024) There was some excitement at the Bay County, Florida Jail today. The morning was rudely interrupted by a dangerous incident. Deputy Hanlon was policing the perimeter fencing of the jail compound when he noticed what looked like a trash can fire. As he hurried forward, he saw that the training facility was on fire. He quickly notified the fire department. They arrived promptly, but the facility had burned very quickly to the ground.

Mrs. Sami Reid, a member of the medical staff at the Bay County Jail relates, “A fire started about 10:15AM to 10:30AM today. The Bay County Jail training building caught on fire and quickly burned to the ground. But the fire crews kept it well contained.” She also said that twenty people and two drug dogs were in the building when the fire broke out.

The occupants quickly got out, but the drug dogs, Buckshot and Remi, both chocolate labs, were in the back room. The door was forced open and the dogs released. Buckshot, just a year old, was freaked out and took off. He was found after a four-hour search. Remi is 9 years old and much less excitable. He took it all pretty calmly.

Bay County Sheriffs Office added that fire fighters quickly put out the fire. No other structures were damaged. The main building at the Bay County Jail was not affected. No inmates or employees within the main building were harmed.

“I want to thank Bay County Fire and other departments which came to our aid,” Sheriff Ford said. “Because of their quick, professional response they were able to contain the fire to one building only. We are grateful.”

All four inmate dormitories close by were evacuated. There were no injuries, and no smoke inhalation. Response to the event was effectively and quickly carried out by the first responders. The jail compound was on lock down from about 10:30AM to 3:00PM.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office will be conducting an investigation into cause and origin of the fire.