One Talented Lady: Stephenie Brown, Entrepreneur, Author, and Real Estate Agent, Unveils Joyful Journey

by Cheryl Cronbaugh

Entrepreneur, author, veteran, real estate agent and wife, Stephenie (3 e’s) Brown is a joyful, busy woman. Working alongside her husband, Cory Brown, in real estate, which has been her life since the pandemic. You probably know Cory from his billboard signs and his busy life required some help and who best to enlist, but his wife.

Stephenie grew up in Florida and joined the Air Force at 18 and served for 8 years. She went to work in Human Resources and did that for about 15 years, but the pandemic kept her home where her creative side blossomed. She had been making trendy beach totes for family and friends for several years but decided in 2019 to turn it into a business. At first, she called it ‘Totes by Stephenie’ but has rebranded to ‘Jewelfish Totes’. She says the jewel fish was a new fish discovered in South Africa and the name resonated with her as she searched for a new name for her business.

You may have seen her at the Fall or Spring Flings put on by The Women's Civic Club of Panama City Beach in Frank Brown Park, or even at the Farmer's Market on the beach or other pop-up events in Panama City and Panama City Beach. She also has a website: where you can purchase one of her bags. Hint: you may want to follow her on Facebook because she periodically gives away a bag, too.

But as if she wasn’t busy enough, Stephenie is also an author as of December 1, 2023. Her book, The Door, is available on Amazon and is a 90-day devotional that you could reuse each year. The description online says, “Discover how doors serve as gateways to new beginnings, opportunities and divine encounters.” Using Scripture references and Biblical characters she guides the reader to lessons hidden within the concept of doors.

Come check out her Beach Totes and other fabulous arts and crafts at the next Spring Fling Juried Arts and Crafts Show coming up March 2nd, 9 am - 3 pm in Frank Brown Park Recreation Center, 16200 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, FL 32413. Sponsored by the Women's Civic Club of Panama City Beach, FL, Inc. Donation only $1.00 for adults